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Girl Gang Unite

Hey Dolls! 

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary! And we couldn't be more excited! 

If you been following our journey and shopping with us. Then you know that we have developed and changed our brand a few times over the last few months. We added a few pieces other than t-shirts, which include our pop art skirt and girl gang shorts. But now that fall is approaching and the year seems to be going by very quickly. We are getting ready for our biggest change yet!

We are have recently added some very edgy and fashionable items to the line. They include pants and a very trendy denim skirt! We also have some two piece items for the holidays that are gonna blow your mind, but don't worry it won't blow your wallet lol But don't worry are main focus is too stay true too our vision, our first love, the t-shirts. The whole idea of expanding with the numerous bottoms we are providing is so that you have something to wear with those tees! Keep an eye on us cause we are ending the year off with a bang! With your continuous support we are growing and developing the brand of our dreams! As women we all have certain responsibilities and mine is too my two children who have changed my life for the better. They are the constant motivation in my head to move forward and build something they can be proud of me for. 

I want nothing more than too see other young women in my t-shirts and other items from UnKlad. Are aim is too build confidence and unity between women! 

Keep an eye for all that it too come!

If you haven't already sign up for updates and shop with us ladies! 

Support a female owned business! 

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